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Project management is a complex task involving coordination with all stakeholders, placing orders, coordinating production, procurement, monitoring the progress of various suppliers, and constant communication among many individuals. Additionally, there are other responsibilities such as arranging transportation. You have more tasks to handle, like managing your hotel and finding more projects. Indeed, you shouldn’t divert your focus to project management. Entrust it to JQ’s project managers; they are adept at handling these matters.

Project analysis and planning

From receiving the drawings to providing a quote and then to production, we need to conduct a comprehensive analysis for your project, down to the arrival time of a single screw.

Project production and follow-u

Order production may face challenges, but our project manager will handle them well. If confirmation is needed, our business team will inform you promptly.

Project transportation arrangements

The transportation of products is the simplest but most high-risk link. We will choose the optimal solution to carefully package and securely transport the products to your warehouse.

It’s not about services,
it’s JQ’s “philosophy”!

Every new partner is a new challenge for JQ. We need to develop different plans for different customers, adapt to and understand their needs. But JQ likes it this way. We have only one goal: to approach each project with “seriousness” and complete it “without errors.”


Years Of Experience Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals.


Collaborating with clients from multiple countries.


Produces over 2000 projects annually

Project management

JQ’s project manager is the central hub of the project, connecting with everyone involved. They consolidate all progress, observe, arrange, and ensure a rational plan for your project. There are crucial elements to guarantee the smooth progress of your project: a leadership project meeting every Monday, a project progress meeting every Wednesday, and daily project progress feedback.

Production management

  1. Our team will discuss with you the design, materials, transportation, and other aspects of We have a dedicated project manager who tracks the production progress on a weekly basis and provides progress reports to you, ensuring that you are informed and in control of the project.
  2. During the production process, we conduct tests on product functionality and strength to ensure the final product’s quality, making your product even more perfect.
  3. Before shipment, we also have a dedicated specialist to track the progress and create a shipping report that will be sent to you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final outcome of the project.
    No matter what kind of display products you need, we will provide you with attentive service and excellent quality.

Shipping management

  1. We will use different protective packaging for various types of products in the order to ensure they can safely reach your hands.
  2. Before production is complete, we will contact you to confirm the container booking time, ensuring your goods arrive at the destination on time.
  3. Our logistics team will design the optimal container stacking plan for you, ensuring the safety of products during transportation and maximizing cost savings in logistics.
  4. We support various shipping methods, including but not limited to FOB, CIF, EXW, DDU, DDP, etc., making your goods transportation flexible, cost-effective, and faster to reach the destination. Whatever shipping plan you require, we will provide the best advice and services to ensure the smooth completion of your order.

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