JQ’s solutions

About our establishment

From quoting, production, to shipping, JQ invests a great deal of effort. Whether it’s furniture or fixtures, JQ aims to build comprehensive solutions to assist our partners. JQ hopes that your collaboration with us is mutually beneficial and enjoyable.

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What sets JQ apart?

Overall, this is the reason behind JQ’s core philosophy.

JQ hopes our partners feel assured, confident, and comfortable throughout the collaboration process. We aim for our partners to entrust their projects to us completely. You shouldn’t spend your time on product production; you should focus more on expanding your business. This clear division of labor is what sets us apart.

JQ is ready to embark on a new project journey with you, whether it’s retail, hospitality, or any other sector, regardless of the project’s size. Your project will be delivered on time, within budget, and with guaranteed quality. In today’s world, this makes a significant difference.

  • Wood Processing

  • Metal Processing

  • Various Surface Treatments

  • Rich Color Selection

  • Sample Production

  • Blueprint Digestion and Structural Optimization

  • Reliable delivery times and competitive pricing

Wood Processing

We have comprehensive equipment (machining center, edge banding machine, automatic cutting machine, drilling machine, etc.) capable of processing any type of wood-based material: MDF, HPL, LPL, TFL, veneer, solid wood, and various composite materials.

Metal Processing

We are equipped with a full range of machinery, including laser cutting machines, robotic welding machines, automatic cutting machines, and automatic bending machines. We can manufacture using cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Extensive Wood Surface Treatments

We have long-term partner factories for painting, veneering, and other surface treatments.

Powder Coating

We have a complete powder coating line that can apply finishes according to your requirements.